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Why Buy Pre-Owned from Royal Watch

When looking to purchase a timepiece, one should consider buying pre-owned. If you have reservations about whether buying pre-owned is a wise decision, we've provided some info below which should help in making your decision.

Buy Pre-Owned and Save.

Like any asset, the most depreciation can be expected from new to pre-owned. In the case of a pre-owned watch, the price will normalize and the depreciation will slow down and in some instances, appreciation can even occur.

Larger variety in Pre-Owned.

Over time, more and more watches are available pre-owned as newer models are introduced and manufacturers discontinue previous models.This allows you more options when looking to purchase the watch you desire.

Depreciation can work in your favor.

Some brands can depreciate more than others, which means that purchasing a pre-owned watch from one of these brands does allow you an opportunity to acquire a watch that may have previously been out of your spend threshold. This can also put one off buying a new watch from one of these brands.

Buy a pre-owned watch, sell a pre-owned watch.

With the slower depreciation when purchasing a pre-owned watch and in some instances, this can even be neutral or even appreciate, one could realistically expect a solid store of value on a pre-owned watch versus a new watch.

Why Royal Watch ?

Parting with your hard earned money on a pre-owned watch can be daunting, we want to make it as comfortable as possible for you to acquire that watch you've been wanting.


  • Buy with Confidence - All our watches have been fully authenticated prior to our purchase and checked to ensure they have a clean history.
  • Royal Watch Quality - We assess each watch and take the necessary actions to restore, if necessary, the interior or exterior condition. We do not polish watches unnecessarily. What you see is what you get.
  • Peace of Mind - At Royal Watch, your trusted source for new and pre-owned watches, we want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. If you purchase from us and aren't happy with what you receive, you can send it back within 48hrs for a full credit, exchange or refund. All Royal Watches come with a 6 month Royal Watch warranty in addition to any remaining manufacturer warranty if applicable.